The LW Scientific ZipCombo centrifuge is the perfect solution to your micro-centrifugation needs! It provides all the performance of popular “Stat” centrifuges at a fraction of the cost. Spin down hematocrits at 12,000 rpm in only 3 minutes. Change the rotor to spin micro tubes at 12,000 rpms for serum in 3 minutes. Then use the digital controls to decrease the speed to spin urines in microtubes, too!

Please note, EZ Reader Microhematocrit Reader is included when you order the ZipCombo with the hematocrit rotor.

  • Easily changeable rotors
  • Small footprint to conserve space
  • Comparable to popular “STAT” centrifuges
  • Results in as little as 3 minutes

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Blood, Urine, DNA Separation, HPLC Microfiltration

Complete Centrifuge Kits

ZIPCombo with 12-place microhematocrit rotor (40mm tubes), ZIPCombo with 6-place micro-tube rotor (1.5ml-2.0ml tubes), ZIPCombo with BOTH 6-place micro-tube rotor AND 12-place hematocrit rotor

What Are You Spinning?

STAT Blood

Tube Size

Micro Tubes, 40mm Capillary