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Blood Rocker

The LW Blood Rocker gently rocks blood sample tubes and small vials. The gentle motion assures mixing without damage to fragile cell suspensions.

Digital Rotator

The Serology Rotator is designed to give years of dependable service, even in the busiest laboratory. It’s the ideal space-saving instrument for procedures that require constant or timed rotation (mixing) such as RPR, VDRL, latex tests and for procedures that require a nonstandard speed.

Pipette Shaker

LW Scientific pipette shakers easily achieve consistent results in specimen separation and are especially effective for blood preparation. The LWS 6 place shaker has the option of either continuous motion or timed motion using the 15 minute timer. Compact size and durability make the LW Scientific pipette shaker convenient for any laboratory.

Platelet Rotator

  • Widely used in blood banks
  • Durable construction
  • Whisper-quiet, heavy-duty motor
  • Holds 12 platelet bags per basket up to 48
  • Variable speed control from 0 to 9 rpms Stainless steel basket rotates 360° smoothly
  • Built-in tachometer allows users to monitor speed easily
  • Easy loading and unloading

Turbo Mixer

LW Scientific offers you two versions of the very popular Turbo Mixers. Ideal for the quick and complete mixing of samples, our cup and platform models will bring convenience and efficiency to your lab. They come with a variable speed control of up to 3000 RPM and can be activated to vibrate continuously or by pressure to the head. The high quality motor comes with a one year warranty and has been designed to offer quiet and vibration free vortex mixing action.

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