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40mm Microhematocrit Tubes

  • Hematocrit tubes
  • Glass
  • Plain
  • 200 per vial
  • 40mm
  • Volume capacity: 2.2ul
  • Used with the ZIPCombo microhematocrit rotor
  • Reader card NOT included

CavicideWipes – 160 Count

Convenient, ready-to-use, intermediate-level disinfectant wipes for laboratory equipment such as centrifuges and incubators.


  • Micro-Hematocrit controls
  • 6 vials: Low, Medium, and High

ZipCombo 6 Place Microtube Rotor

6 place microtube rotor spins 1.5/2.0ml microtubes and comes with adapters for 0.2/0.5 ml microtubes and adapters for 1.3 ml microtubes.

ZipCombo PCR Strip Rotor

The PCR Strip Rotor (2x8x0.2 ml) is included with the 6 place microtube rotor or can be purchased separately.

12.5 Finger Test Tubes

12.5 calibrated glass finger tube meets the API standard for oil testing and can withstand high temperatures. (12.5ml) Borosilicate Graduated Tube; Glass Box of 12 Finger Tubes

  • BS&W testing
  • ASTM standard
  • Enamel

15ml Centrifuge Tube Shields

Place the EZ Reader Card on a countertop. Carefully remove one of the tubes and place it into the tube slot on the card and adjust the tube until the 0% line is aligned with the bottom of the fluid in the tube.

Please note, EZ Reader Microhematocrit Reader is included when you order the ZipCombo with the hematocrit rotor.

30 Minute Timer

Thirty minute timer for Combo V24, Ultra 8, C3 Selects, and E8 centrifuges.

AC DC Wall Power Adapter

  • Power adapter, AC-DC
  • 100-240 watt
  • Auto switching
  • 12v/6A, with C13 power cor
  • Can be used with USA E8 & USA PortaFuge Centrifuges